Description and Main Functions:

  • The Senior Management for ILC and its subsidiaries is chosen by each respective board of directors
  • Management’s main duties include implementing the strategy, objectives and policies established by the board, as well as ensuring the Company is responsibly managed from a forward-thinking perspective

Pablo González F., Chief Executive Officer ILC


Mr. González holds a degree in business administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, USA.

He has a recognized track record in the Chilean financial industry, where he served as Executive Director of the Investment Banking Area of BICE Chileconsult – Rothschild. In this role, he participated and led several transactions including M&As, bond issuances, financial restructuring deals, privatizations and capital increases for a total of US$10 billion.

Mr. González has been a professor of undergraduate and MBA-level finance courses at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile for more than 15 years.

He has participated in the board of several institutions: Confuturo, Red Salud, Vida Cámara, Securitizadora BICE, Clínica Bicentenario, Icertifica, Corpseguros and the Chilean Insurance Association (Asociación de Aseguradores de Chile).

He joined ILC in 2008 as Chief Development Officer and took on his current role in 2010. During his time as CEO, he has led the Company through several important milestones such as its IPO on the Santiago Stock Exchange, the acquisition of the life insurance companies Confuturo and Corpseguros, the partnership with Prudential to control AFP Habitat, the acquisition of Banco Internacional and the divestment of iConstruye and Desarrollos Educacionales.

David Gallagher B., Chief Development Officer ILC


Mr. Gallagher holds a degree in business administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

He has extensive experience in the corporate finance area, working in several financial institutions such as BICE Chileconsult - Rothschild, Payne Capital Partners, JPMorgan and IMTrust - Credicorp. In these roles, he participated and led project valuations, M&As and debt and capital issuances for important Chilean and foreign companies.

Mr. Gallagher worked for ILC from 2010-2012 playing an active part in major transactions such as: ILC’s IPO for US$ 468 million, the acquisition of Citigroup’s 40% stake in AFP Habitat and ILC’s first bond issuance on the local market. In 2015, he returned to the Company in his current position as Chief Development Officer. He is also on the board of Factoring Baninter, a subsidiary of ILC.

Ignacio González R., Chief Financial Officer ILC


Mr. González holds a degree in business administration from Universidad de Chile and an MBA from the IE Business School, Spain.

He boasts an extensive track record in the real sector, working in the finance departments of several companies.

His career began at Corpbanca Corredores de Bolsa as an equity trader, before joining the power generation company Enel (former Enersis), as part of its investor relations team. In 2008, he became Head of Investor Relations at D&S, the largest supermarket chain in Chile. He was in the company when Walmart acquired D&S, which implied a disbursement of approximately US$ 2.7 billion, and later collaborated on post-purchase integration, mainly in the finance and treasury areas.

Mr. González joined ILC in 2012 as CFO when the Company launched its IPO, which was a milestone for both ILC and the country, as the largest IPO in Chile’s history. He also serves on the board of Vida Cámara and on ILC’s Investment Committee.

Juan Pablo Undurraga C., Chief Performance Management Officer ILC


Mr. Undurraga holds a degree in civil engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MBA from the University of Michigan, USA.

He has an extensive track record in project valuations, research and development. He began his career in planning and business intelligence at Copec, the largest fuel distributor in Chile.

He then shifted to the financial sector as an associate and then vice president of the Investment Banking Area at Santander Global Banking & Markets. He participated and led several transactions related to the oil & gas, energy, manufacturing and salmon industries.

In 2012, Mr. Undurraga joined the ILC Group as Chief Development Officer of Red Salud, evaluating organic and inorganic growth projects, as well as promoting internal management initiatives and corporate studies. He also served as Director of Red Salud’s Regional Hospital network. In June 2016, he joined ILC as Chief Performance Management Officer.

Robinson Peña G., Chief Accounting and Administration Officer ILC


Mr. Peña holds a degree in accounting from Universidad Católica del Norte and a graduate certificate in administration from Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile.

He has an extensive track record in the accounting and administration areas. His career started at the pension fund company AFP Habitat, where he held several positions over 16 years, including his final role as Chief Accountant. After that, he served as Deputy CFO of Invesco International S.A. (formerly Habitat International S.A.), working in projects to develop pension fund companies in Peru, Argentina and Mexico.

Mr. Peña joined ILC in 2010 in his current position as Chief Accounting and Administration Officer, where he has made significant contributions developing tools to strengthen the Company’s financial reporting processes.

Andrés Gallo P., Controller ILC


Mr. Gallo holds a degree in business administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

He has broad experience in the insurance, pension and health industries, holding positions in finance, risk, auditing and the office of the controller in important multinational groups such as PWC, ING, Metlife and Zurich, among others. He has participated in major projects such as the launch of ING’s operational risk area in Chile, the merger of Metlife and Interamericana de Seguros and Metlife’s migration to IFRS, among others.

He joined ILC in 2014 in his present role as Controller. He also serves on ILC’s Directors’ Committee and the risk and audit committees of several ILC subsidiaries.