Inversiones Confuturo (formerly Corp Group Vida Chile), is the holding company that consolidates the life insurance companies Confuturo and Corpseguros. ILC currently controls 100% of Inversiones Confuturo and 99.9% of Confuturo and Corpseguros. These interests were attained by investing approximately US$ 370 million to acquire 67% of Inversiones Confuturo in 2013, carrying out three consecutive capital increases and purchasing the remaining stake in 2016.
ILC entered the life insurance industry to be able to provide the main retirement alternatives existing in Chile: programmed withdrawals (through AFP Habitat) and annuities (through Confuturo and Corpseguros).


Safeguard financial security for our customers throughout their life, through an excellent service provided by a highly competent and motivated team, who always behave responsibly and ethically, while securing expected profitability for shareholders.


Be a benchmark in the insurance market, renowned for its solidity, reliability and transparency, supporting its customers throughout their lives.


Confuturo and Corpseguros manage products related to savings and retirement, which include:

  • Annuities
  • Voluntary retirement savings (only Confuturo)
  • Individual life insurances (only Confuturo)
  • Consumer loans for pensioners
  • Credit life insurances (only Confuturo)

What Defines Confuturo and Corpseguros?

Market leadership, customer focus, experience in investments, innovation, technology and efficiency.



Board of Directors


Patricio Mena B.

Vice Chairman:
Pablo Gonzaléz F.

Alberto Etchegaray A.
Alejandro Ferreiro Y.
Robinson Peña G.
Sergio Icaza P.
Juan Pablo Undurraga C.

Chief Executive Officer