Red Salud is the second largest inpatient and outpatient network in Chile. The Company was established in April 2008 to develop a national network of healthcare providers.
In 2016 ILC increased its stake in Red Salud from 89.9% to 99.9%, after acquiring the minority interest maintained by Mutual de Seguridad.


Help people to live longer and better with comprehensive medical and dental care, focused on patients and their families. Our commitment is to provide a wide range of services, with high quality standards, in accordance with the principles and values of the Chilean Construction Chamber.


Be a national benchmark for private medical and dental healthcare, recognized for its wide range of services, prestige, excellent working environment, and capacity to respond the population’s healthcare requirements.

The Network

Red Salud has an extensive network of outpatient centers and hospitals throughout Chile, from Arica to Punta Arenas:

  • Megasalud: approximately 30 outpatient centers
  • Private hospitals in the Metropolitan Region: Tabancura, Avansalud and Bicentenario
  • Private regional hospitals: Iquique, Elqui in La Serena, Integral in Rancagua, Valparaiso, Mayor in Temuco and Magallanes in Punta Arenas
  • Associated hospital: Viña del Mar
  • Oncosalud: oncological network of 11 care centers

What Defines Red Salud?

Large private healthcare provider in Chile that serves all socio-economic segments, providing medical solutions for all levels of complexity.


Board of Directors

Víctor Manuel Jarpa R.

Vice Chairman:
Juan Pablo Aylwin J.

Max Correa R.
Pedro Cubillos M.
Mario Kuflik D.
Claudia Ricci R.
Fernando Solminihac T.

Chief Executive Officer