Vida Cámara began operations in 2009 after acquiring 99.9% of the shares of RBS (Chile) Seguros de Vida. This transaction enabled ILC to re-enter the insurance sector and participate in the tender for Disability and Survivor Insurance (SIS) after the 2009 Pension Reform, which required AFPs to tender such insurance. In 2011 Vida Cámara entered the collective insurance industry, focusing currently on life and health insurances.

Our Mission

Go along with our clients, advising them with the best life and health insurance protections, developing simple and transparent solutions, with a close and committed team.


To be the best company, supporting people to live better.


Vida Cámara participates in the life and health insurance industry, providing customers the following products:

  • Collective health insurances
  • Life insurances
  • Collective credit life insurances for mortgage

What Defines Vida Cámara?

Build relationships with their clients; go along with their customers in their needs; make things simple, expeditious, transparent and pleasant; ingenious to improve, adapt and search the best alternatives.

Website & App
Vida Cámara has an App available in Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Board of Directors

Pedro Grau B.

Vice Chairman:
Jaime Silva C.

Paulina Aguad D.
Ignacio González R.
Cristóbal Jimeno C.

Chief Executive Officer