We have played an important role in the pension fund industry in Chile (since 1981), Peru (since 2013) and Colombia (2019) through our stake in AFP Habitat and AAISA. In 2016 we established a partnership with Prudential Financial Inc. to jointly control AFP Habitat with a 40.3% interest each. The aim of this alliance is to strengthen AFP Habitat’s footprint in the Latin American pension industry, together with one of the world’s leading financial companies.

AFP Habitat’s main products include: mandatory and voluntary individual pension savings, voluntary savings and programmed withdrawals.



Life Insurances

We are one of the leaders in the Chilean life insurance industry through our stake in Confuturo, acquired in 2013. We currently control this subsidiary with a 99.9% interest.

Confuturo offers several products such as: annuities, voluntary pension savings, individual life insurances, consumer loans for pensioners, among others.



We participate in the Chilean banking industry since 2015 after acquiring Banco Internacional. We currently control this affiliate with a 67.2% interest.

This subsidiary provides a wide range of services and financial solutions for corporations and individuals, focusing mainly on  companies.



Since 2008, we play an important role in the Chilean private healthcare industry (Inpatient, Outpatient and Dental) through Red Salud. This subsidiary operates as an extensive inpatient and outpatient network across the country, with a broad presence from Arica to Punta Arenas.

Currently, we control Red Salud with a 99.9% stake.


Health Insurances

We are actively involved in the mandatory health insurance industry in Chile through Consalud. Isapre Consalud started in 1984, as part of CChC’s Social Network, with the aim of providing social health welfare to its workers through the country.

We currently control Isapre Consalud with a 99.9% interest.


Vida Camara started operations in Chile in 2009 by providing disability and survivor insurances in Chile. Moreover, it began offering supplementary health and life insurances in Chile in 2011.

We currently control Vida Camara with a 99.9% stake.