What is the CChC?

  • The Chilean Construction Chamber (CChC) is our founder and largest shareholder, with a 67% interest in ILC.
  • The CChC is an association that was founded in 1951. Its main objective is to promote the development of the construction industry as a fundamental tool for national progress. It also seeks to contribute to the country by generating public policies and initiatives.
  • Given that the construction industry is one of the largest employer in Chile, participating in social security areas supports this important stakeholder. For this reason, the CChC created through ILC in the 1980s AFP Habitat (prevision) and Consalud (health). Since that time, these companies have grown significantly to became what they are today. Afterwards, ILC developed Red Salud (health), purchased the life insurance company Confuturo (prevision), and acquired an interest in Banco Internacional.
  • The CChC also owns CChC Social, a network of social entities focused on social actions mainly in the areas of education, training, health, housing, sports, culture and social welfare.
  • The CChC receives 67% of the dividends generated by ILC and manages these funds. A significant portion is invested by CChC Social in projects that benefit construction workers and their families.

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