AFP Habitat is a publicly held corporation formed in 1981 when the new individual pension system was introduced in Chile, with the CChC acting as a founding shareholder. In 2013 AFP Habitat expanded geographically, through the auction of the first tender offer for the new comers into the Peruvian private pension system. In December 2019, AFP Habitat formalized the acquisition of the Colombian administrator Colfondos. With this, AFP Habitat consolidates its participation in three countries (Chile, Peru and Colombia), reaching a market of around 100 million inhabitants and over US$850 billion of total GDP. In search of a new structure that gives it the necessary flexibility in a changing scenario, in November 2021 the company created Administradora Americana de Inversiones and finalized the spin-off of its operations. With this, Administradora Americana de Inversiones became the new controller of Habitat Andina, indirectly controlling AFP Habitat Perú and Colfondos.  ILC shares currently the ownership in AFP Habitat with Prudential Financial Inc., with 40.3% of stake each. This alliance emerge at the beginning of 2016 with the purpose of consolidating Habitat’s footprint in the Latin American pension industry.



We want to improve the quality of life of our customers, by providing them an excellent pension service.


We want people to be optimistic about their retirement, appreciating the importance of savings.



AFP Habitat manages products related to savings and retirement, which include:

  • Management of mandatory individual retirement savings
  • Management of individual and group voluntary retirement savings
  • Management of voluntary individual savings
  • Management and payment of pensions under scheduled or temporary withdrawal programs


Service Network

AFP Habitat has a prescence throughout Chile, due to a network of branches, a website, call center, mobile applications and a network of digital platforms in order to better serve its members.


What Defines AFP Habitat?

Leadership in returns on assets under management, wide coverage and scale, its fiduciary role and efforts to promote social security literacy programs.


Board of Directors

Luis Rodríguez-Villasuso

Vice Chairman:
Mauricio Zanatta

Carlos Budge
Viviana Chaskielberg 
Desiree Green
Sergio Urzúa S.
Marisol Bravo Léniz 
María Alzérreca

Chief Executive Officer