The Bank was formed in February 1944, when the Superintendencia de Bancos licensed Banco Internacional (formerly Banco Israelita) to start operations. ILC attained a 50.6% interest in the Bank in 2015, through a direct acquisition and a subsequent capital increase. The transaction involved a disbursement of approximately US$ 100 million, as well as a change in its focus and organizational culture. ILC currently control this affiliate with a 67.2% interest.


Our Dream

To lead the corporate segment in the Chilean banking industry.

Our Common Purpose

To create growth opportunities.



  • Corporate Banking: checking accounts, lines of credit, insurance, financing, state guarantees, foreign trade, leasing, factoring, investments, cash management, treasury, among others.
  • Retail Banking: checking accounts, lines of credit, insurance, mortgages, investments, online time deposits, among others.


Service Network

Banco Internacional operates throughout Chile using a nationwide network of 12 branches and 4 business centers. The Bank has a website, call center, mobile applications and a network of digital platforms, in order to bring it closer to its customers.


What Defines Banco Internacional?

Fast and timely responses, highly personalized service, flexibility, open and direct style, transparency.


Website & App
Banco Internacional has an app available in Google Play and Apple App Stores.


Board of Directors

Arturo Tagle Q.

Vice Chairman:
Andrés Solari U.

Paulo Bezanilla
Carolina Cuevas
Fred Meller S.
Patricia Norambuena B.
Sebastián Claro E.
Andrés Navarro B.
Carlos Brito

Chief Executive Officer