Consalud is one of the main mandatory health insurance firms in Chile. The company began operating in 1984 as a private health corporation, with a first-class private health network of 33 medical and dental centers throughout Chile. In 2000, Isapre Consalud was divided into three areas: health insurance, healthcare, and support and investments. After that, Consalud became a health insurance provider, dedicated exclusively to selling health insurance plans.



Being the best Isapre that gives access to effective health solutions.


Contribute to the social welfare of the country, by providing people with access to high quality and prompt healthcare solutions.



Consalud manages health insurance solutions, providing plans and supplementary products that improve protection for its policyholders:

  • Plans: free choice, single provider, and preferred provider plans
  • Supplementary products: more than 10 different alternatives to complement mandatory health plans


Service Network

Isapre Consalud operates throughout Chile through a network of 60 branches and mobile customer service centers (known as Consalud Móvil). The company has a website, call center, mobile applications and a network of digital platforms, in order to better serve its members.


What Defines Isapre Consalud?

Broad market coverage with focus on providing personalized, simple and close care, focus on innovation, and efforts to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Website & App
Consalud has an app available in Google Play and Apple App Stores.


Board of Directors

Paulina Aguad D.

Vice Chairman:
Pedro Plaza M.


Patrick Muzard

Jaime Silva C.

Juan Carlos Delano V.



Chief Executive Officer